I usually work with two or three mediums on the same subject; therefore I have two or three views, one complementing the other. The idea of showing my work as a “whole,” has inspired me to create the Fusion series, which is a digital fusion of two images from two different mediums. I decided to use the original photography work, mostly in B/W, as the first layer, which would remain unaltered and only change the top layer with the pastels and oils photographed or scanned. Each work has been done as a unique edition.

The FS (Fusion Skylight) series has been developed with the Skylight series work. It fuses the photographs of this series with work made in pastels and oil on paper that has been scanned. 

The FC (Fusion Chile) series has been developed around the contrasting images of the Atacama Desert in my native country Chile, which has the sea on the west and the volcanic mountains on the east. It fuses B/W photographs of the mountains with photographs of the oil paintings of the coast.